Week ???- Ghost World

Now the most obvious theme in ghostworld is that of change, of a coming of age of 2 friends who become increasingly distant. What is good about the book is it’s realistic prototypical of female friendships and changes in life.

Female friendships in general have been lacking in many mediums of art and fiction (Leading to the creation of the Bechdel test). Notably, while the friendship between Enid and Rebecca is not ideal, it is realistic. This helps to build the slice of life, realistic atmosphere which when combined with the ages of the girls-18 (a crucial point in most peoples life as they head off to university) makes the comic extremely relatable.

Another interesting aspect of the comic is the fact the characters apathy to change is what generates most of the plot. They spend most of their lives looking for stability as they see the end of adolescence- the dark at the end of the tunnel. For example, this search for stability be seen in their delight when they see the same pair of pants on the street twice.  This was extremely significant to me as I had a mini-existential crisis in the days leading up to first year orientation (Sept 2017), and I too ‘grew’ out of many of my high-school relationships.

In a way, it is this morbid but realistic take on reality that makes ghostworld so interesting. It is also this realistic take on reality that makes ghostworld so polarizing, because it is extremely hard to use it as an escape from reality (which many other comics are used as), when it is all about the nuances of society and reality.

Or some people could just not like the book. Weird huh.

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