Week 6-The Art of self-contained issues

Planetary reminded me a lot of Black Mirror. Planetary seems to be aiming for that thought provoking theme- where each issue provokes discussion about the real world. A key difference however, is that world-building and crafting the overarching story is a  key focus for Planetary, whereas that aspect isn’t explored in black mirror (the episodes exist in different universes).

Also Planetary (so far) seems to be aiming for the slice of life genre in a fantastical setting. Which is really interesting but can also be considering boring if your used to more traditional works in the fantasy /superhero genre.

One thing that I found really interesting is that the advanced level of technology and the prevalence of superpowers (while not common, but not exactly extremely rare either), has limited effect on the world. The world is a mirror image of today’s world, which logically makes no sense. This is a large part of the difficulty in writing sci-fi/futurist books that aim to be realistic-we have no idea how the world will turn out. For proof,  noone in the early 1900’s can guess what would happen to the world in just a century. The rate of change is just too fast.

World-building these worlds is extremely difficult, in that we can’t remove ourselves from the context of today human society. This makes it nigh impossible to imagine a totally new society-whether it be the human race in the future or an alien race without an element of today’s human morality and technology creeping in there.

Just look at black mirror- they tell the fear’s about tomorrow’s technology in today’s world. But their perception of tomorrow’s technology is based off of today’s (they just loooove brain implants which are basically phones with blurring features). WildStorm is no different. And both works can’t imagine tomorrow’s society, so they stick in today’s. And while it is interesting, it isn’t exactly realistic.





One thought on “Week 6-The Art of self-contained issues

  1. You’ve said a few things here that I had also thought. For example the use of superpowers. I noticed they were used very minimally in these comics and like you said ‘had limited effect’. At some points I forgot they even had powers, they were almost just like regular people with an immense passion for what they did.

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