Week 4-Between Blood and Nation

I personally found Black panther to be a breath of fresh air compared to Ms. Marvel and Captain america. While not perfect, the book crafts an elaborate world, full of political intrigue and tough choices. And a villain who actually has reasons for doing the things he do, a villain I can easily imagine existing in the real world (unlike that pigeon from Ms.Marvel who was just a stupid straw-man for everyone not young).

But enough good things, lets discuss another stupid aspect of comic books and Black Panther: People just never staying dead.

Shuri coming back to life was one of the biggest disappointments of black panther; comic book writers have to know that when no one stays dead,  death has no effect on the reader (and it is one of the powerful tools in the writers arsenal).


“oh XYZ died again? Wonder how long it’ll be until they bring him/her back”.


Is a sentence that is unfortunately common in comics, and I had hoped black panther would be different.

It can be argued that writing about superhero’s requires them to be both ageless and immortal- that not dying is a fundamental part of being a superhero, that the cyclical nature of superhero’s somehow says something about humans (other than raising the question of why we keep buying this shit).

But I personally think that’s BS.

A nice contrast I’d like to make is between Game of Thrones and Comics. SO SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!

|                                                                      *,..,*

Now I’ve never watched the shows, But I’ve read all the books and Ned Starks death was a profound moment for me. I remember sitting there for an hour thinking: this makes no sense, good guys don’t die in stories. It showed that Ned Stark was righteous, brave, kind and that got him nothing but a nice beheading. Just like the glorious real world.

I am 100% percent sure I will never have the same feeling for any comic book character death. It’s easy to see why.

I’d like to conclude with the fact that clearly, I’m biased. I like dark, gritty, realistic worlds, and comics aren’t those. But I’d like to think that my criticism is still fair, albeit heavy handed.

6 thoughts on “Week 4-Between Blood and Nation

  1. Hello Hardik,
    Great post and I enjoyed reading your point of view. I personally like it when characters come back to life. I watched Vampire Diaries (ssshhh- I’m too old to watch this XD) and I was happy when my favourite characters (Bonnie and Damon) always came back from the dead. I agree that Black Panther was more politics based making it more of a heavy read in contrast to the lighter and more humorous tone of Ms. Marvel. And yes, I agree that Death is not fair in selecting who dies. Its simply biology and chance rather than good versus evil as often portrayed in plot lines.
    Overall great post and point of view! I enjoyed reading it.
    Sincerely, Alicia Chung

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  2. Hello Hardik,
    I liked how you compared Black Panther to Ms Marvel and Captain America, and when you said ““oh XXX died again? Wonder how long it’ll be until they bring him/her back”.” I remind me of Superman. It seems like Superman have unlimited life and when he dies he would come back in a bit. I agree with you on it seems like BS, but this is how the comic works. The superhero can never die.


  3. I find your point about characters never dying in comics to be incredibly interesting because it’s something that is so obvious and so prevalent in comics that I never even noticed it! It’s kind of like its own kind of cliche trope now, to have a character die, and then come back to life. I really hate it, because it kind of just ruins all kinds of stakes that the comic had set up – it demonstrates that there’s no real consequences to these heroes actions, and for me personally, it just makes me less interested in that particular comic or character. It happened in this Black Panther comic, it happened in Superman as you mentioned, it even happened with Nick Fury and Bucky Barnes in the Captain America movies! That’s such a great point, thanks for bringing it up!!!


  4. Hi Hardik,
    I’m not a big fan of politics, so this comic was a little boring to read for me. I agree with you that in most of the comics, main characters dies and then comes back to life which sometimes just makes the comic less interesting.
    I liked that you compared it to Game of Thrones and I think there should be more shows or comics where even the good people die.


  5. I completely agree with everything you’ve said here. I also like the darker gritty worlds and I was growing tired of the worlds of heroes like Ms. Marvel were it was all jokes and superficial internal struggles. Like you said though, Shuri didn’t die and that was a disappointment. I know, because reading these comics I felt absolutely nothing towards her situation. As soon as it stated she was between life or death, I knew that that really meant ‘she’s coming back’. And from then on, there was no risk or emotional aspect for me,


  6. Hey, I really like your take on the superheroes never dying and how you have compared this to the consequences felt of poor Ned Stark’s abrupt death. That’s totally true! I don’t think I would ever feel about a comic book character the way I felt about Ned’s death because the stakes are not really ever that high. You always know they will come back one way another.


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