Week 2- Humanizing the Superhero

Superman is in a pretty weird place. He is basically a human- he was raised as a human, thinks like a human, acts like a human. Literally the only thing that makes him special is his powers. Nothing else. But  then this raises the question as to why an alien from a society whatever light years way, is a perfect example of an lackluster, average, boring human. What I mean by this is, if we took an average human with good morals and gave him superman’s power, he/she would be almost identical to the current superman.

And that is why it makes no sense that people describe superman as an “godlike” or an “ascended being”, giving him labels that he does not deserve.

He is the epitome of the common man; trying to do his best to help the world. It is just that this common man (superman) has alot more options available to him, none of which are earned, but inherited. 

Applying to this weeks theme, why we should even need to humanize the superhero? They are functionally all humans, because they are the product of our thoughts, affected by our culture, driven by human desires.

It is we who gave them that pedestal, to place them above the laws of man, to say they are something more than human (an ideal anyone???). But then they make the most human of mistakes, do the most human of things (looking for love, family, a home, struggling against a villain, facing life’s challenges etc), but yet they are somehow godlike.

An apt way a godlike being would never have to be confronted with their mortality because they above it. Just like they are above humans.

And so Superman never was, and never is godlike.

2 thoughts on “Week 2- Humanizing the Superhero

  1. I really liked your opinion on superman. I think it’s quite interesting and you make good points in terms of viewing a superhero as “godlike”. Definitely something to think about and consider about any superhero but especially superman as he is also sort of the epitome of what a superhero is.


  2. I like what you said about how they are functionally just human. I mentioned in my post, about these volumes was how his conflict through out them was mostly his own internal struggle. He suffered from the fear of losing a loved one and revealing his true self. All very human things, and I agree with you when you say they make human mistakes, and do very human things.


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